2 Long Islanders, 3 Others Plead Guilty in Fake Nursing Diploma Scheme in Florida

Twenty-five individuals across five states were charged with wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud for creating and distributing more than 7,600 fake nursing diplomas. ORLANDO, Fla. — Federal investigators are warning healthcare facilities nationwide after uncovering a scheme that sold thousands of fake diplomas to people looking to work as nurses. When you are looking to buy a degree, certificate, diploma, or need to replace transcripts they need to be perfect.
According to the photographed diploma, Howard graduated with a degree that doesn’t exist at Miami University in Ohio. The school offers a bachelor of science degree in business, not a bachelor of science degree in marketing. The photographed diploma also includes a signature of Robert Johnson, the then-dean of the graduate school, not of the school of business. Carlson joined the phony diploma conspiracy after his rubber stamp business, at 5210 N. Market, fell on hard times and he needed money, he admitted in the 37-page plea bargain with Assistant U.S. Attorney George J.C. Jacobs and U.S. Attorney’s Office, Enowitch falsified transcripts with detailed course work and created a fake verification service in case employers probed the buyer’s background.
Before you enroll in a high school diploma program, make sure you know how to spot a diploma scam. Qualifications, diplomas and titles earned from Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology , from cantonal (state-run) universities, from private universities recognized by state authorities, and from Fachhochschule-institutions are protected. Accreditation is conferred by the Conference of University Rectors of Switzerland and the Swiss Center of Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education . Under Swiss law, it is a criminal offense, under unfair competition legislation, to profit by any unfounded academic or occupational qualifications. Thus, one can call oneself an LL.M., but one must not use the title when competing for clients.
Like always, these businesses are constantly changing but I will be up front with you about when the data about a particular product with a particular supplier was collected so you can buy at your own risk. This is a massive change from old fake diploma website review blogs of the past. Normally an opinion is made about a store and that opinion left for years untouched. The problem is these suppliers are constantly adding new equipment, replacing employees, etc. An experience or complaint somebody had two weeks ago, let alone five years ago, could be entirely different by today. We speak everyday to actual customers who’ve purchased from fake diploma suppliers.
Legitimate institutions use traditional advertising and high school recruitment. Prospective students are encouraged to “enroll now” before tuition or fees are increased. They may be told that they qualify for a fellowship, scholarship or grant, or offered deals to sign up for multiple degrees at the same time. Promotional literature might contain grammatical and spelling errors, words in Latin, extravagant or pretentious language, and sample diplomas.
This is not universal, though, so you end up with diploma mills setting up in states that do not have such protections. This helped initially, but then the internet became very popular, and diploma mills started extending their reach more aggressively outside their states. For a profession engineer, the state requires you obtain an NCEES license, they perform testing and also require an educational degree from an accredited institution, and they only trust a handful of accrediting agencies. For instance, you can’t call yourself a Doctor, Lawyer, or Professional Engineer in Michigan without having passed the relevant licensing tests and have obtained a degree from an accredited educational program.
The Private Higher Education Institutions act also places restrictions on the creation and operation of any private higher education institution that conducts any course of study or training programme for which a certificate, diploma or degree is awarded. Some advertise other indicators of authenticity that are not relevant to academic credentials. For example, the University of Northern Washington advertises that its degrees are “attested and sealed for authenticity by a government appointed notary”.

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