What Is Kratom? Capsules, Dosage & Effects of High

Studies have shown that kratom has excellent mood-enhancing benefits. Used for the treatment of depression, consumers report feeling uplifted and energetic. They also claim to experience relief from symptoms of anxiety. Capsules are powdered kratom in pill form enclosed in gelatin or vegetable-based casing.It’s our goal to go above and beyond for every client, big … Read more

Pasture raised

They don’t use animal protein as fish feed, and they do not use fish pellets that consist of animal waste byproducts. Using natural food stocks with the right balance of nutrients ensures fish grow naturally. Today, fish farming has become a fast-growth industry as wild fish stocks have become depleted.One significant issue is that—rather than … Read more

Pneumatic Valves: What Are The Different Types?

ATEX and IECEX markings are used to specify the hazardous applications of solenoid valves and other electronic devices. ATEX ratings are specified according to the type of hazardous area where the device will be used. It is important to specify this accurately since having higher protection ratings greatly increases the cost of the device. Also, … Read more

301AC Pneumatic Control Valve

Five-way solenoid valves are similar to four-way valves except for the addition of a second exhaust port. They also act as a directional control valve which allows flow on one line while venting the other. Hydraulic actuators are similar in operation to pneumatic actuators except they use a fluid, hydraulic oil, as the signal fluid … Read more

How and Why to Use Compressed Air to Power Your Control Valves

To control a single-acting cylinder or pilot another valve, the valves pressurize and exhaust one outlet port. For industries that have complex pipe and product delivery conduits, stainless steel pneumatic valve actuators are used to manage corrosive liquids. Pneumatic actuators are designed to operate a piston within a closed cylinder.The pinion is connected to the … Read more

What is a Control Valve? Types of Control Valves

In a piloted solenoid an electrical signal opens and closes the pilot valve which operates the larger valve using the pilot medium as the mechanism for forcing the actuation. This is commonly used to actuate large valves where a solenoid would have insufficient power to actuate the valve. SMC offers Direct Operated Solenoid Valve in … Read more

Schneider Electric Valve Actuators

The disc has a rod passing through it that is connected to an actuator on the outside of the actuated butterfly valve. Rotating the actuator turns the disc either parallel or perpendicular to the flow. Unlike a ball valve, the disc is always present within the flow, therefore a pressure drop is always induced in … Read more