What is a Control Valve? Types of Control Valves

In a piloted solenoid an electrical signal opens and closes the pilot valve which operates the larger valve using the pilot medium as the mechanism for forcing the actuation. This is commonly used to actuate large valves where a solenoid would have insufficient power to actuate the valve. SMC offers Direct Operated Solenoid Valve in 3 port, 4 port, 5 port and suitable for vacuum and copper free application.
This valve is capable to regulate the flow of air and the control action is limited to the airflow passing through the valve, when it is open, maintaining a set volume per unit of time. Mono-stable valves return to their original position after the termination of the signal. A normally-closed valve means that in the initial state its section is closed (air-flow is blocked). When a signal is given, the valve opens, thereby opening the section of the line.
First, make sure the valve is compatible with the media and pressure passing through. Other things to consider are the method of valve actuation, the return method that will take the valve back to its original state, flow capacity, and valve configuration. Whether you need a specific pneumatic valve or are looking around for the best one for your system, you can click here to get a quote. Response time – the period of time needed for the valve to change states or positions when actuated. Without actuation, the valve permits airflow and needs actuation to close off the valve. Coil rated voltage – for electrically actuated valves, a measure of the maximum voltage that can be sustained by the actuation coil and may be rated in DC and AC volts.
Different 5/3-way valves are categorized according to the function of their normal state. Typically, the normal state is the valve “rest” state, which holds the position of the actuator. Normally open and normally closed solenoid valves are considered monostable valves. Bistable solenoid valves, on the other hand, have a second solenoid instead of a spring return mechanism. When actuated, they remain in the same position even when the power is cut off. In contrast to normally open solenoid valves, normally closed means blocked at its unpowered state.
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The actuator operates in a double-acting configuration until power or air pressure is lost, and springs engage automatically to return the valve to the normal position. As a worldwide leader in flow metering technologies for over 110 years, Badger Meter offers one of the broadest product portfolios for the chemical and petrochemical processing industry. From differential pressure and Coriolis flow meters to advanced control valves, our solutions help you measure what matters and improve the efficiency and reliability of your operations. Badger Meter has the proven tools and expertise to help you manage your critical resources. Three-way valves direct pressurized air to the cap-end side of the cylinder. Shifting the spool to the other extreme position blocks flow and pressure to the actuator.

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